Myasthenia Gravis is a neurological disorder affecting the neuromuscular junction that is mediated by anti-AChR antibodies found in most patients or by anti-MuSK antibodies. The NMJ is highly modified in the patients, with the post-synaptic membrane displaying simplified folds as a consequence of the autoimmune attack. The reduced number of AChRs at the muscle endplates leads to functional or structural modification of the nerve terminals, although this important aspect has never been studied in detail.


The concept of FIGHT-MG is:

  •  to combine ideas, skills, models, resources and data from ten academic centers and two SMEs to further understand the etiology, the natural course and pathophysiology of acquired MG diseases, and develop novel diagnostic and monitoring techniques and improved therapies.
  • to work in close collaboration with MG patients’ associations which will facilitate the collection of relevant biological materials and of information about the natural course of the disease, the prodromic events associated with the onset of the disease, and the recently described emergence of a group of elderly MG patients

The main scientific and technological objectives of FIGHT-MG are to:

  • Address the natural course of the disease
  • Improve knowledge on the etiology of MG
  • Shed light on pathological mechanisms occurring in MG
  • Develop new diagnostic and monitoring assays
  • Develop new therapies
A close collaboration between researchers and patients’ associations will lead to a better understanding of the problems linked to the quality of life of MG patients and to a more efficient translation of the scientific results into the clinical practice.