About us

The FIGHT-MG consortium is coordinated by the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM – Dr Sonia Berrih-Aknin) and links together 11 leading teams of international standing from France, Greece, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and Italy.

The consortium includes clinical neurologists with expertise in the management of MG patients and academic research teams specialised in MG research, the biology of the neuromuscular junction, neurogenetics (genetic and epigenetic analyses), culture and manipulation of human muscle cells and the biology of immunoregulatory models. Two SME’s (Genopolis and Proteosys) will support the academic partners with technologies directed to proteomics and microarray analysis.

The close collaboration between FIGHT-MG researchers and MG patients’ associations will lead to a better understanding of the problems linked to the quality of life of MG patients and to a more efficienttranslation of the scientific results into the clinical practice.

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Thanks to its translational approach linking basic science and clinical research and its close collaboration with MG patients’ associations, FIGHT-MG will lead to the development of new and more effective diagnostic assays and therapies.